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Leon thought it could’ve been his last moments when he was hanging off the edge of a platform. Simmons had knocked him over and was trying to get him to fall by crushing his hand with his foot.
As Leon was about to fall, Ada impaled Simmons in the side with one of her arrows and pushed him off the platform with one arm around him. Then Ada used her hookshot and let go of Simmons, allowing him to be engulfed by the flames.
Leon managed to get himself back on his feet. He glanced down to watch Simmons burn. Then he holstered his pistol. He looked into the distance and saw Ada give him a sly smile.
A small noise emitted from Leon’s pocket. He took out his phone and saw there was a message from Ada.
Wish I could stay longer, but I’ve gotta run. I’ve left you a little parting gift on the roof. See you down the road, Leon.

After Leon read the message, he saw Ada wave goodbye. He called her name, trying to get her to come back. That didn’t stop her though, she just walked away.

Once again Leon’s butterfly was gone. He knew he would see her again; just the question was when…. Leon desperately wants to see her again. Maybe next time they crossed paths, they wouldn’t be fighting for their lives and maybe she wouldn’t run away again.

A couple of months after the events in China…
Leon was sitting at a bar that was nearby his apartment with Claire and her boyfriend, Steve. She is one of the only people he has kept contact with. She is the reason he leaves his house for more than just work.

He likes spending time with Claire, just when he sees her with Steve he feels depressed because he doesn’t have anybody. She has tried to set him up with her friends a couple of times but he can’t bring himself to go through with the blind dates. The only woman he can ever think about is Ada. All he wants is to be with her.

Leon glanced at his watch. It was a quarter till one in the morning.

“I should probably get going.” Leon said.
“Do you want us to drive you back to your place?” Claire asked.
Leon shook his head.
“We were just about to head out anyway so it wouldn’t be a problem.” Steve added.
“Thanks for the offer but I only live a couple of blocks from here.” Leon said as he walked out the door.

As soon as he walked out he regretted not taking the umbrella that he had left in his car. The rain was really pounding down. Leon sprinted to his apartment building, then up the stairs and unlocked the door.

Even after running a mere couple blocks, his clothes were soaked from the rain. Leon slumped on his couch in his living room and turned on the TV. He flipped through channels for a bit then he decided there was nothing he was interested in watching and walked to his bedroom. He laid on his bed, not caring that his clothes were wet.

Leon felt a draft in the room. He looked over and saw the window was slightly open so he got up to shut it. He didn't remember leaving it opened but he hasn't been exactly on top of his game lately.

After he shut the window he turned back to his bed and saw Ada sitting on the edge in the shadows.

“Hey there, handsome.” Ada said with a smirk on her face.

Leon now knew why his window was open. Now a question that was in his mind was if she would stay this time.

The Agent and The Butterfly by stars-member0267

/ / ©2013-2015 stars-member0267
I wrote this drabble or whatever you want to call this recently. I really don't know how I feel about it, so feel free to tell me what you think. Do you guys think I should write more of it?
NightAngel-16 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional General Artist
Great work!
stars-member0267 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! :)
NightAngel-16 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional General Artist
You're welcome :)
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